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This week I want to talk about mindset.

Did you read all the quotes in the heads above?

Which head are you?

Unfortunately, in my position, I meet a lot of people in a fixed mindset.  They learned a long time ago how things “should be” and are not immediately open to change or growth.

It is a little sad at first, because I hear stories of experiences that are so LIMITING!

  • “I am too old” (starting a new job, new fitness regimen, or new sport)
  • “I could never look like that” (having muscles and strength)
  • “I am not good enough” (to start a business, raise a family, have confidence)
  • “I can’t do that” (take a vacation, time off, make time for yourself)
  • “I’m not meant for that” (physique, career, etc.)

While I know these examples are just minor speedbumps, it can be hard to learn a new way of thinking or approaching a situation.

I too have fallen prey to some of the feelings above, until I had no other choice but to change.

By that time, I was WISHING that I opened my eyes sooner.

The sad part of my story was that someone actually DID point it out to me and I chose to believe what I was doing was right!  The very definition of a fixed mindset🙄

When I changed my way of thinking to mirror a growth mindset, I automatically opened myself up to new opportunities, I learned how to be more flexible and adaptive, and instead of complaining or seeing only my failures, I took responsibility and gained control of what was happening in my life.

Only then did things turn around and I saw the results I was looking for; both in my physical appearance and mental capacity for growth.

I can go on and on 🤣but I won’t!

I hope you have been inspired, even just a little from reading this.  Do a little more research if you need to.   Dig a little deeper to find out where a growth mindset might benefit you!

Whether it is in your work life, family life, health or social situations… the fixed and growth mindset theory applies.