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If you recall one of our emails last week was about a Growth Or Fixed Mindset. It was a good read for anyone who is trying to figure out how to approach a situation differently, jump start yourself, or decide to pursue something new.  If you missed it and want a copy, reply back and I will get it to you.

Another part of mindset though is being MINDFUL vs MINDLESS.

The first thing that pops into my head when the word MINDFUL is mentioned is whether we are present in the moment.

While being MINDLESS is exactly the opposite… preoccupied with something else and not giving the appropriate attention to what is in front of you.

We posted in the Facebook group this week an article from my beloved MYFITNESSPAL app (using it is life changing if you ask me!) about MINDLESS eating. (CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL ARTICLE)

The 3 major points the article addressed were:

  • Eating Regularly (are you skipping meals?)
  • Managing Stress (are you using food to cope?)
  • Knowing When you are Mindlessly Eating (are you in that 3pm slump, just looking for something to do?)

This all effects our mood, productivity, mental health and of course, physical health.

So gaining control of these areas and learning the right way to eat, manage stress and occupy your time productively will undoubtedly provide benefits to your overall health.

To help you put it all together, we will be sharing a free e-book on Mastering Mindfulness in the coming weeks.  Be sure to look out for it!

In good health and fitness,