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This Can Be You!

Mike, East Brunswick, NJ

The group training was fun and I got a great workout. I always feared “the aggressive trainer.” ELITE was fantastic; all the trainers provided form corrections without being overbearing or aggressive.
After trying group fitness I dove into training. I worked with Brittany from ELITE who helped me lose 40 pounds with a combination of exercise and healthy eating. She taught me how to properly work out and use equipment which has helped me keep the weight off over a year after completing the training program.
Strongly recommend ELITE Fitness Alliance to anyone who wants to improve their life and well-being.

Paula F., Edison, NJ

Very cool realization, after I met up with a friend at our local gym where we used to go weekly. Did the usual – treadmill and some weights – that my old “normal” isn’t enough. Since working with ELITE’s Performance Power Program, I discovered that I am capable of doing much more and must continue to push if I want to see more results. Thanks ELITE Fitness Alliance!!

Vilma S., Edison, NJ

I joined the ELITE Fitness Performance Power Program for eight weeks. At the end of the first eight weeks I am happy to announce, I feel better mentally and physically. I reduced my body fat, and lost inches around my hips and waist. I am really happy that I found very supportive trainers that care and push you to do your best. I had a bad experience with trainers in the past. Now I know what it is to find a real “fitness family”.
ELITE Fitness Alliance helped to incorporate a healthy lifestyle in my life. I always look forward to every session, I don’t ever feel I’m dragging myself to workout. Every session counts with different exercises so there’s no time to get bored. It’s been almost a year since I joined the group exercises. It has brought nothing else that health benefits to my life. I also enjoy working in a group because it teaches that you are not alone in the process.

Vinod, Edison, NJ

Hi ELITE family !!! I wanted to share my recent obstacle race experience with you all. I did this Terrain race last Saturday and was able to complete the race. This is my first obstacle race , I had to climb walls , carry and flip tires, walk through hip level mud, carry a 40 pound bag uphill, do monkey bars and much more. I was able to push myself and my comfort zone to achieve this. I thank all the ELITE trainers who trained me to achieve this.

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