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Want to reduce body fat, increase lean muscle mass and burn calories more efficiently?

Strength training to the rescue! Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness and designed to develop your full body STRENGTH!

Each class includes a series of exercises with perfect form and control to hit the whole body. Plus, we always end with a finisher exercise to make sure you leave with those post-workout endorphins rushing round your body!

It’s so easy to book classes on our ELITE Fitness Alliance app or on our website by simply selecting your day, viewing the class timetable, and finding a class and time that suits you!

If you are new to classes, let your instructor know when you arrive, and they will help you get started – all of our classes cater for all abilities, so you can work at your own pace.

Use it or lose it

Lean muscle mass diminishes with age, so let’s get to it!

Body fat will increase over time if you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose over time. Strength training helps save and enhance muscle mass at any age.

Strength training will help you:

  • Develop strong bones. Strength training can increase bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.
  • Manage your weight. Strength training can help you manage or lose weight, increase your metabolism and help burn more calories.
  • Enhance your quality of life. Strength training enhances your quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities, protect your joints from injury, contribute to better balance and reduce your risk of falls. This helps you maintain independence as you age.
  • Manage chronic conditions. Strength training can reduce the signs and symptoms of chronic conditions, such as arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression, and diabetes.
  • Sharpen your thinking skills. Research suggests that regular strength training and aerobic exercise helps improve thinking and learning skills for older adults.
How we Strength Train

ELITE Fitness Alliance Strength Training program includes different types of training and includes body weight training resistance band training, free weights and our machines.

We always have a personal trainer teaching each small group training session to ensure proper form and to keep you safe!


Come dressed in comfortable, breathable non-restrictive clothing – remember, our classes will get you moving! Don’t forget to bring a towel to freshen up and a water bottle to hydrate.


Is strength class good for weight loss?

Strength class is a full-body workout designed to help improve muscular strength. Including weight training can help to build muscle and offset the rate of muscle mass loss during weight loss, so in this way, it can be good for weight loss.

Is strength class good for toning?

Strength class works your whole body, as the moves involved use all of your muscles. During a class, you’ll burn calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness, tone and improve your core strength.

Does strength class burn fat?

To lose fat, you need to be in a calorie deficit. Strength class can help you increase your energy expenditure, which can help aid with fat loss. Plus, it can help you to offset the rate of muscle mass loss, which is often experienced during weight loss. See our Nutritional Coaching services page.

How many calories do you burn ?

The calories you burn depends on many factors such as your age, height and weight. Strength class can be more intense than most cardio activities. You can expect to burn up to 400 calories in 40 minutes.

How may times a week should I take strength class?

This will depend on your goal and fitness levels. The maximum recommended is two to three times a week.

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