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Elite Fitness AlliancE

East brunswick location coming soon!


Because of what we are:
An all inclusive, individually tailored, fitness package. 

Personalized group trainers, without the personal trainer prices.

Limited class sizes to ensure you are getting the proper guidance and technique correction to perform at your best. 

Trainers that give personalized attention in a group setting. 

Trainers that will get to know you personally, whether it is how to modify a workout for your current capabilities, avoiding upsetting a chronic injury, or motivating you to push it to the next level.

Training that is simple and natural but challenging, so you progress.  

Nutritional coaching and personalized counseling.

A program that will help you build strength and endurance and supplement your active lifestyle.


What we are not:

NOT - A big box gym hoping you never show up.

NOT - Power lifters pressuring you to lift heavy weight and sacrifice safety and form.

NOT - Group trainers trying to pack a session with upwards of 40 participants.

NOT - A session with "fancy" equipment that you don't need, to get a good workout.

That is our WHY, now tell us YOUR WHY!

ELITE Fitness Alliance

We are driven, passionate, certified personal trainers. We believe in creating motivation and confidence by understanding our "ELITES" lifestyle and incorporating it into every workout. Our philosophy is "Stay Ready and you will never have to Get Ready". We use a progressive method approach to fitness and our own personal lives. We are here to share the health and make an impact in Central Jersey and around the world!

Join Us and Become a Part of the Alliance!


Pre-launch Hours

Monday 7:00 pm

Wednesday 7:00 pm

Thursday 7:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am


Our Address:

11 Harts Lane, Suite A, East Brunswick, NJ