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We have all seen the ads…and boy are they easy to click, call and sign up… because we (ahem Americans, or dare I say, New Jerseyans) always want things NOW and FAST!

But, let me explain why you will NOT see these ADS from us at ELITE Fitness.

Most people have fallen prey to these challenges month after month or year after year.

Something happens in your life where you get “off track”, ‘too busy” or “too tired” and then you realize you need to do something about your health and fitness and you need to do it FAST.

So what does that mean?

You are vulnerable, uncomfortable and the sound of FAST results sounds REALLY GREAT… in the moment.

But lets breakdown what is really happening.

These “quick fix” programs are actually setting you up for failure.

They work in the short term because you have:

  • severely restricted your calories,
  • changed your eating habits to something you could never stick to after you finish their program
  • over trained your body day in and day out

The issue with these programs is that for the duration of the program you make SACRIFICES, because well, “its only 4/6/10 weeks” and you think to yourself “I can do this for 4/6/10 weeks”, but what has actually happened is you have:

  • not learned a proper way of eating
  • not allowed yourself time to adapt to workouts that are appropriate for you
  • not learned how to safely incorporate exercise into your every day life
  • not allowed your body to recover
  • possibly injured or weakened your joints
  • not learned how to moderate your diet and exercise to see LASTING RESULTS

I have actually had clients come to me after programs like this and tell me they lost 14 pounds in 4 weeks, and then put it BACK ON in less than 4 weeks.  That is NOT healthy for your body to go through changes that quickly.

When you gain or lose weight that quickly in the process you are:

  • gaining back MORE fat than before you lost it
  • losing more muscle
  • lowering your metabolism
  • creating nutrient deficiencies

That is exactly the opposite of most people’s goals!

So what WILL we do at ELITE Fitness?

We will:

  • Prioritize training for strength so you can live and perform better
  • Teach you safe workout formats, which will energize you!
  • Show you how to make adjustments to your meals to hit your goals, not completely OVERHAUL your diet to something impossible
  • Coach you on how to see long term success, not just 4/6/10 weeks of success
  • Give you access to special events with professional speakers who are actual experts in different areas of health care
  • Help you track your progress in the gym and the mirror so you see your results week over week
  • Give you our Satisfaction Guarantee

Now, I have to admit – we HAVE run some challenges in the past…

BUT at ELITE – we only allow current members to be part of these challenges.

They are NOT open to the public.


Because if you have not trained with us or had our nutritional coaching, and you start a program with us by way of a “challenge” you won’t know how to play by our rules.

And clearly our rules are different than your average fitness program.

Can you make progress in 4/6/10 weeks? ABSOLUTELY!

But if someone is promising you a complete body transformation in 6 weeks or to lose 20 pounds in a month, I would definitely think twice before signing up.
– Brittany