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COVID-19 Update: The health and safety of our clients and staff is our top priority. Read our full update here
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ELITE Fitness Alliance is currently closed due to Coronavirus and will be closed for as long as the government recommends. We will let you know as soon as the situation changes. In the meantime, follow our social profiles for regular content updates.

If you’re looking for extra accountability and direction during this time then take a look at our Online Training as we’ve taken our community online to continue serving everyone who needs us even more than ever. Gain access to our online training programs, ZOOM sessions, recipes, quick-fire sessions and being a part of our thriving community.

Take care of yourself and stay safe.

What can I do to stay healthy during the Coronavirus outbreak?

We believe that there is no better time to get active and this is because being fit and healthy really will aid you no greater than before. So find something that you enjoy and go for it, the benefits aren’t just body composition now. Consider the mental health benefits while we all go through something very different. We have some helpful tips and guidance regarding exercise on our social media platforms.

Outside of regular hand washing and avoiding group gatherings, both large and small, we recommend continuing with the sensible foundations of all good health:

  • Walking outdoors daily
  • Maintaining good, healthy sleep
  • Avoiding processed food and alcohol
  • Exercising sensibly
  • Minimizing stress

Are there any confirmed cases of COVID-19 within ELITE Fitness Alliance?

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 within ELITE Fitness Alliance as of current.

This makes us anything but complacent. However, we are continually monitoring the situation and will update this page as soon as we hear of any developments within our community.

Our plans for re-opening?

We’ll be publishing our plans to re-open when we know more. Rest assured though that we will be ready to ensure the safety of our members and the wider community.

Considerations that are being thought about are,

  • Outdoor group training prior to opening if allowed.
  • Reducing session times to accommodate additional cleaning plus lowering social contact and cross over of sessions.

What will happen?

  • COVID-19 Deep Clean to ensure we are a COVID-19 free zone on opening.
  • Cleaning measures in place to ensure the safety of members.
  • Social distancing maintained.
  • Online services to continue and on-demand launched to support those who can’t attend in-person.

Benefits for us!

  • We have the ability to restrict and know numbers per hour.
  • Develop our Online Services to thrive in these ever so different times.
  • Keeping the membership physically active and social when they need it most.

We can’t wait and are looking forward to seeing you…..

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